Posted in Winter 2017

What will be your South African story?

I woke up to a powerful and unsolicited endorsement this morning for why students should study in South Africa.

Having lived and studied in South Africa for six years, unsolicited, I’d attest to ‘Social Movement in South Africa’ by Prof. Ferguson, to have the prospect of providing a priceless opportunity to any student or person to know about a rich and complex history of humanity. The fresh scars of what happens when our darker angels take hold are still evident and pronounce their imprints vividly in the country. But, theirs is more than a sad story about humanity. It is a real epitome of how we can appeal to the angels of light of our humanity and overcome adversity. All this is evident in the music, infrastructure, artifacts, food and the camaraderie of South African people. There is nothing that brings more solace and calming to my own life than mining from the experiences that South Africa deposited in my life: From the sweet melodies of Freddie Gwala, Yvonne Chaka-Chaka and Brenda Fassie (my personal favorite South African artists); the tantalizing and mouth watering ‘braais’ at Mzolis in Cape Town; the ‘surreal-ness’ of the Cape Point where the two oceans meet (the stillness of time at Cape Point as you experience the two oceans violently colliding is but a glorious wonder), to the painful yet hopeful reliving of apartheid at Jo’burg’s Apartheid Museum. Still, no words can suffice in articulating South Africa, its people and rich history. Only a first hand experience. It is an opportunity I’d unreservedly recommend as it will surely bring new perspectives and meaning to life as it did to mine. #SocialMovementsInSouthAfrica


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